RCPD “MARIEMMA” Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza
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Diseño: Antonio Tomás y Arantxa Carmona

C/ Padre Amigo, 5  28025 Madrid


The RCPD (Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza “Mariemma”) is currently dependent on the Educational Department of the Community of Madrid regional government. At the school we strive to prepare dancers who love dancing and teach others to love it too. Our work must be consistent yet dynamic, in keeping with the essence of the art form we teach, striving constantly to adapt to changing trends.

The RCPD has all the material and human resources necessary to provide its pupils with an excellent, first-rate training.

The school is run in an enterprising, dynamic and transparent fashion. It can rely on a team of professionals who readily assume their commitments, constantly adopting initiatives that ensure continuous improvement and monitoring the degree of achievement of their goals and the results obtained.

Foto: Berlanga