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Apart from the courses themselves, the RCPD’s pupils undertake multiple activities every year, such as attending rehearsals of professional companies, performing in theatres and dance shows, etc. One of the highlights of the year is the series of shows at the RESAD’s theatre, where pupils can present the choreographies they have rehearsed in the Workshop.

Moreover, the RCPD collaborates with professional dance companies, providing classrooms for their rehearsals. Our pupils are often invited to watch these rehearsals, thus affording them further knowledge of the professional dancing scene. On the other hand, professional dancers also come to the RCPD to watch Workshop rehearsals, arrange auditions and select pupils for their own shows.


Within the project known as “Formación de Nuevo Público”, the RESAD (Royal Dramatic Arts School) hosts a week of shows specially put on for pupils from primary and secondary schools. They are designed to encourage youngsters to get to know the world of dance.

Open Classes

These classes give relatives – and any others interested in the world of dance – a chance to observe the classes given in the RCPD.

Interartistic Week

This is a week dedicated to displaying the artistic creations of the school’s pupils. Their works cover a wide range of artistic expressions: painting, poetry, photography, music, choreography, etc. At the end of the week, awards are given to the best offerings, according to the criteria and votes of the panel of judges, made up of the director and teachers from the school, as well as the parents’ association.

European Collaboration Projects

The RCPD has been collaborating since 1999 with both Europa Dance and Jeunes d’Europa. Pupils are selected each year to participate in these projects during the summer months, thus getting a chance to meet and make friends with pupils from the most prestigious dance schools in Europe.

Preparation for Competitions

Ever since 1995, the RCPD has been preparing its most outstanding pupils for both national and international competitions. On many occasions our students have received important prizes and awards.

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